Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Two Weeks Late

   We were suppose to leave Abu Dhabi two weeks ago and it is getting pretty hard to stay positive about this. Ryan's family left for Florida today to go spend time without internet, cell service and other distractions. Ryan and I thought that we would be able to make it for that trip but unfortunately it didn't happen. I am really jealous too and its not because I want to go to a beach its because they are making family memories together, they are my family too and I miss them like crazy!
   I also want to go to bath and body works to buy up a lifetime supply of pumpkin wall flowers and body products for myself haha. Pumpkin season is coming! Stores are already preparing for my favorite time of the year. I am too, the other day I tried looking for pumpkin puree in bulk, yes, I use it enough to where it becomes necessary to buy in bulk. I found a couple of recipes that I want to try though for cakes. One is a chocolate cake with pumpkin cream cheese filling and the other is pumpkin ravioli.
   I could talk about pumpkin forever, I think I might do a special blog for it later on when I can actually eat it and wash it down with something spicy for Octoberfest, best Sam Adams out there, nom. Pumpkin is just a beautiful color and it gives everything a nice smooth texture. It gives desserts a lighter more moist flavor rather than overly sweet, I hate stuff that is too sweet. I painted my house in colors that were named after it, I wanted to buy a car because its seats were pumpkin leather color. My hair products are pumpkin! haha. I just love the smell of nutmeg and cloves and cinnamon. I am a spice kind of person.

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