Saturday, August 6, 2011


   Think about what you have done in the past five months, probably a lot. Ryan and I got here in March. We were here for Easter, Fourth of July, Spring, Summer, and countless birthdays.

   One thing I really appreciate about this hotel is that they decorate it all the time but always with orchids. Once they had mermaids and shells, Easter, everything in gold, purple orchids rather than the white and now, its Ramadan and we have the lanterns.

   I was just thinking about how long I have been here, I dont really have anything else to say, if you have been following you will know all of the neat things we got to do. Oh Ramadan, its the holy month. Muslims do not eat while the sun is out and all of the restaurants in the hotel are closed except for a couple and they only open at 8pm when the sun is down. Its actually kind of neat though because a lot of places stay open later, which means Ryan and I can go eat when he gets off work! So last night after we drove around for about 20 minutes trying to find it, we finally got our pizza hut and it was well worth the wait. Also I flipped off a car that cut us off and I got a long lecture from Ryan about how I could go to jail. We also concluded that these people probably just buy a drivers license and thats it, they have an issue with letting their 12 and 13 year old kids drive here, Ryan heard it on the radio. I hope that leaving you on that note, you might be able to imagine the types of drivers we are dealing with, we have never once got back to the hotel without a spilt drink.

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