Tuesday, August 2, 2011


   I have these ideas for some paintings using things in my hotel room. I dreamt them up last night when I was not sleeping and keeping up Ryan. I was trying to get onto pottermore all night and finally went to bed an hour before it opened because I didn't know what time it would be, Ryan of course found it the first time he tried.
  Although I will be using things found here in my hotel room, I still need some supplies, mainly a canvas, as this hotel is not my canvas, that would be bad to stain it with my art. The paintings will be very small and I guess you could say abstract.
   The idea came to me when I was thinking about how everyone who has offered to commission a piece by me has asked me for an abstract piece to match their house... I have never done one of the requests as I feel the term abstract is a very abstract term. It is such an empty word to me and the art is done more properly by children who don't think about what the end product will be. Never the less inspiration struck and I hope this is what people might consider tasteful abstraction.
   So to put it more formally, I am starting a series inspired by Abu Dhabi. I can't say wether it will be for sell as I always keep the best stuff for myself, but we shall see.

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