Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ahhhh :(

   It was a little brisk outside, signs of fall showing only in the early hours of the morning, so I got to dress in my favorite salmon colored cardigan with eyelets in the fabric, jeans and a plain white t-shirt. I was comfortable and ready to start my day.
   The black leather of my car seats was warm from the sun and gave off the smell of leather belts and new car glue smell, (my favorite.) The engine hummed to life as a Matt and Kim turned on in my speakers, "Daylight" the perfect song for putting me in a great mood and head nodding. Beau was happily seated in the backseat behind me and he had already started rolling down his window before we turned out of the condos to go down the hill. The wind tangled my hair and whipped it around my face, sticking to my lip gloss, but I didn't mind, it all felt so wonderful.
   We reached the shopping center, Super Target and PetSmart were on our list today as we were in desperate need of toilet paper and the fridge needed restocking. Beau was in the same boat but he needed some training treats for the new intensive training I was planning on putting him through, he was finally going to learn how to lay down.
   I left Beau in the car while I went into target, with windows down of course. Just inside Target is a Starbucks, I normally don't like coffee and especially coffee from Starbucks but the annual Pumpkin Latte is out this time of year and I decided to indulge in one. It tasted just as I had remembered, nice and spicy, the trick is to get it made with soy milk, that way it doesn't end up being too sweet.
   I quickly loaded my cart with fresh veggies, grabbing two bags of potatoes, some Sam Adams Octoberfest, a different pumpkin brew that sounded promising and a huge amount of toilet paper, running out of toilet paper is never an option. There were no lines, as this was late Monday morning when everyone else was either in school or at work. I handed the cashier my coupons, placed the bags in my cart and went back to my car to retrieve Beau.
  Beau was happy to see me again, he acted like I took longer than I actually had. He waited for me to put his leash on very patiently and then he was out of the car, jumping in circles, excited to be on a leash. We stopped at every tree and bush that we passed for smelling and routing in the dirt, his nose was all brown (instead of the usual black) after he looked back up at me as if to say, "Okay, let's go."
   There were a couple of dogs inside the store, most of them getting their long coats shampooed and combed. Beau didn't know it but I had the very same thing in store for him, he needed his nails trimmed. While we were waiting for them to have an open spot, we went to smell the treats and bags of dog food. I don't feed him food with fillers, I wound not eat that, nor should he but as long as you read the labels and pay attention to the serving amount, the good food actually ends up being cheaper per serving. His favorite, and I swear he picked it out, is Nature's Recipe the kind with salmon, sweet potato and pumpkin, I guess he just likes what is yummy.
   I gave him to the lady in the doggy salon, he looked scared of her but I shook her hand told him she was a "nice lady" which is silly to everyone who doesn't know Beau, but it puts him at ease. I went and looked at the Halloween costumes for dogs, Ryan would never let me buy one, he thinks dressing up a dog is mean, but I still like to look, they are so funny.
   Beau made it out safely from getting his nails trimmed, turns out he was sweet and didn't give them any trouble. He was happy again to see me and did his little circle dance when we were leaving. Walking Beau and pushing a cart is not an easy task, but we made it and it was time for a car ride back home to meet Ryan for lunch.

  I woke up in dark, but it wasn't too dark for me to realize that this wasn't my tall cloud-like bed in Huntsville that I was laying in. To my disgust I was still in Abu Dhabi, in my hotel room with no idea when I would be home, reunited with my dog and able to drive my car and do things like run errands, cook and clean. When will I be able to taste a pumpkin latte or smell the spice of nutmeg again? Feel the cool breeze and warm sun at the same time? No one knows but I am dreaming about it...

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