Monday, January 23, 2012

Up-cycled Laundry Door Shutters

      The other day when I went crazy on my house, blogger and Martha Stewart, I actually got around to cleaning up my laundry area which still looked a lot like it did when we got here, disgusting. Part of the process was figuring out where to hide or what to do with the old shutters that have been taken down since they will not close with my front loaders. I walked them over to a corner of the house and tried hiding an unfinished project, then decided that the wall I moved them from was too ugly to not have them up there and then I unfolded them. I happened to have a stack of framed photos that I had not yet hung up since the walls are not done being painted and then it clicked! Put the photos on the shutters, simple yet very effective. 

     All you have to do is slide the leg part of the frame into the crease of the shutter. Some of my frames don't sit flush with the shutter but it really doesn't bother me. If that is something you think will bother you then make sure to get the kind of frames that have the leg piece in the center and not the ones that are on an angle. 

    The only thing that is bothering me is that the shutters could use some paint and false aging because they are a little flat for my taste, even with the photos on them, they look like they are missing something. Possibly dried flowers and some nick nacks.
I just wanted to share my sweet thrift store find today! I love this table runner.

    This would be another idea of what you could do with old shutters. I think that I will draw some inspiration from this one and possibly paint some of mine a different color. Anyway, things to think about!

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