Tuesday, July 12, 2011

B.B cream

    I have heard about a new thing which is b.b. cream. It is the hottest thing in Asia right now among teen-aged women and I can't find it anywhere here of course but it looks like if you purchase $25 of stuff on sephora.com they will give three samples of different b.b. creams. (no endorsement intended but if sephora wants to send some money my way then I will endorse until the cows come home.)
   B.b. cream is this all in one foundation, concealer, moisturizer, sun-screen, healing, zit cream. It actually stands for blemish balm and was invented in Germany by dermatologist for a healing the skin after having laser treatment. It has boomed in Asia and is just making its way over to the states and back to Europe but of course not in the Middle East... ffojdoiewcnwoeifu!
   There are a bunch of different brands to try and different types for what you might need more of, like I would get one with spf 40+ because I am one shade off of being an albino and the whitening effect sun screen in make ups have doesn't effect me, actually I look more for those ones because its really hard for me to find a foundation that is white enough for my skin tone.
   That story makes me think back to the first time I went to sephora and I had scheduled make overs for me and my sister, the girl that was doing my make up came back three times with foundation and finely giggled and said, "You're the lightest one we have!" Yep, after constantly being made fun of for how white I was by cousin and aunt that was not really want I wanted to hear.
   Back to b.b. cream, so I went to look for it in the many make up stores that the mall has and that was really just a waste of time. I asked the French cross-eyed lady working the Benefit counter if she knew where I could find some and she sent me to BeBe clothing store in the mall. Now I know how Ryan feels when he is car shopping at a car lot...
   Well I guess that b.b. cream will have to wait until I get back to the states. If you get a chance go look for it, it may even be at the drug store but I know that it is most certainly at sephora.


  1. I'm sure youve found this bb cream already but I'm pretty much obsessed with your blog, thanks to pinterest. I found some bb cream at walmart for about $11 made by Maybeline (probably spelled that wrong) and I swear by it! Ive tried many expensive primers and this is the best stuff I've ever used! I use it as a primer before my makeup and I'll never use another primer again. I have oily skin so sometimes I use it in place of my moisurizer and my makeup always looks flawless. It also helps keep my makeup from clogging my pores and it helps to heal my stress breakouts.like I said, Im sure youve found this stuff already, seeing as this was posted two years ago, but I just had to rave about it! Oh and it also works as a great tinted moisturizer for the days you dont feel like doing your makeup. It covers bad spots on your skin so that you can wear less makeup!

  2. I've been using Garnier Fructis for a year now, I love it. I wouldn't recommend using it everyday because it really clogs your pores, but then again.. I have huge pores. A must have for serious makeuppers!

  3. Jenni thank you so much for telling me about that. Its hard to find though, I think I will try looking at ulta today for it.
    V, I have the garnier one and it not only clogs my pores and gives me zits but it also makes me look like a hot oily mess with somewhat improved skin. As soon as I put it on I want it off. I personally like products like Urban Decays NAKED foundation. It blends into your skin flawlessly. So flawlessly in fact that when I'm wearing it I forget its makeup. It really feels like all you are wearing is a light moisturizer. I love the stuff but it is pricey for something I use almost everyday.

  4. I've got the Garnier Fructis version mentioned above, and have found that it's just as easy to mix foundation, moisturizer, and (I know, it sounds sketchy) anti-chafing gel (Found in the feminine products aisle) in the palm of my hand and then apply all together, blending with a brush.

    1. Omg you are a fucking genius. I knew that face primer was something else I felt and its totally chafing gel. Seriously, I can't wait to go buy some.