Friday, July 8, 2011

The Half Blood Prince

   I have just finished reading The Half-Blood Prince by J.K Rowling not even five minutes ago. This book totally consumed every minute of my time not spent sleeping for the past three days. I literally could not put it down, reading over 300 pages everyday. Ryan kept telling me this was the most important book in the entire series and it has just become my favorite, although I have not yet read The Deathly Hallows yet.
   It is hard to verbalize the emotions I felt while reading, it was unlike anything else. J.K Rowling uses such descriptive wording and makes these characters so easy to relate with, it seems hard to think it is just a story from a book. In my mind there is a war going on out there. The people are real, the places, the magic, and the deaths.
   This book goes into much detail about Voldemort and his past, yet not once does he make an appearance. Upon first meeting Tom Riddle at the orphanage we find out that he has already learned how to control his powers and enjoys torturing and taking souvenirs from his victims. His mother's family, the Gaunt family is pureblood, which really just means super inbred and she, her brother and her father, are the last three remaining relatives of Salazar Slytheran. The chapter about them was really disturbing and felt like, well, stories about inbred families. It also lets in on how charming Tom Riddle was and good looking and explains how with splitting his soul into seven parts made him look less and less like a human.
   I knew that Dumbledore was going to die at the end, I had seen the movie many times before and knew that Snape would be the one to do it. But reading how each character felt at his funeral made it so real, so real that I myself shed a few tears. The emotions Rowling can evoke in her in readers is remarkable. I have never had a book make me cry before.
   I really don't want it to but the date has been set, July 15 it all ends.

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