Friday, July 22, 2011

Been Coloring

   Dear eight followers,
I am sorry that I have not been posting everyday like normal, I have been a bit distracted. I got into a little inspired and have been drawing tattoos like mad. Andrea asked for one of my own design and I came up with a look for Planet Ugly Stupids, a made up planet that her loving brothers told her she was from.

   The reason they told her she was from a different planet was because she was so much more pretty than either of them. She came out dark with dark curly hair and features and they were a couple of toe heads. So I made her into her true alien form.
   The next one that I started drawing was for myself. I have been feeling a little bit home sick lately and feel like I need to rep my home state. Idaho, the best kept secret in the world. I decided that my favorite iconic symbol of Idaho was the baked potato and I did mine just how I like it.
The first draft, laying down ideas, and f-ing up script 

Second draft, looking pretty good here, I made the potato larger and fixed the script a little better, still not perfect. 

Third draft with color. The script looks a lot better but I think I would rather it be in seafoam green like the sour cream or purple...
   I am feeling really good about this design though, I designed it so that it fits perfectly in with my other tattoos. It is going to be on my arm so if I lifted me arm to show the side of it, it would be right there, nestled perfectly in by the mermaid tail and the top of my rose. I can't wait for this, I have moneys and I will be in Idaho in September, just got to find the right artist and it will be forever.  Idaho love y'all.

P.S. If you steal my tattoo design I will not be flattered, I will cut off your skin. Just ask me to design something for you to fit YOUR body, not one that was made for mine, it will look better anyway.

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