Friday, July 1, 2011

Make up look.

   Today I woke up wondering what I might want my make up to look like for the Fourth of July. I went and did a google search to get some inspiration, or possibly to copy what someone else has done, nothing really caught my eye so I decided to come up with a couple on my own and share them with you.
   I will come up with three or more Fourth of July looks for you for the next few days. I am using my Urban Decay Ammo Eye pallet and drug store make up only, just to keep things really simple. Some looks may be too over the top for you but I will show how to tone each look down if you are not that daring. I hope you enjoy, let me know if you like this kind of stuff and if there is anything else I can explain or do better.
   The first look was inspired by the classic 1959 Barbie. It is really simple, sexy, and as mentioned earlier classic. Also, what says "America" better than Barbie and her Vette?
   The first step to achieving this look is to apply foundation, making sure to look as airbrushed as possible. I used revolon's colorstay in 101 ivory normal/ dry skin, using a foundation brush and really all brushes made by ecotools.

   The next step I took was to apply concealer. I use green for redness and salmon, (a kind of pinky orange) for under the eyes to conceal purple or blue. I just used the concealer I had which is makeup forevers five concealer pallet in no.1 but you can easily find others at the drug store. I used a concealer brush which is like a smaller version of the foundation brush.

   After that I set my foundation with a powder. You can use any powder set you have but what I had was mineral foundation from physicians formula in fair. It probably gives me zits but I have it and I need to use it up. I mainly just apply a very little amount to my problem areas, like my nose and chin.
   I then filled in my eyebrows with a Mac brow pencil and an angle brush just to give it a more natural look.

   Next I moved on to eye shadows. Like I said before I am using Urban Decay's Ammo Eye Pallet. It is my very favorite makeup pallet I own, I would certainly recommend it.

   I used "Sin" as a base color using it all over my lid and up to my brow bone. Then I blended the color "Shattered" into that but just on my lid. After that I used the color "Polyester Bride" in my crease blending the line from the blue and the champagne color with the white.

   After that take a black liquid eye-liner and draw a cat eye. I start at the inner corner, then once you reach the middle draw straight out. Using your bottom eye lid as a guide line, draw a line up to the desired point and connect the top line. I use NYX black eye liner, I would not recommend it, its hard to use and it flakes. I use Covergirl's lash blast, I would recommend that. The formula is great for lengthening.

   To complete the look comb forward a section of hair, (bangs) and tie the bottom of them with an elastic band at the bottom. Then fold that under and pin with a bobby pin to create pin up bangs. Pull the rest of your into a pony tail or curl it. Oh and don't forget about the red/orange lips. Every woman should have a favorite red lipstick.

   Alright, I know that this look is not for everyone but it is fun. However, toning this look down into something that is a little bit more wearable is super easy to do. All you have to so change the color of lipstick and of course not do your hair that way. You can still mimic the 1950's by having a high pony tail and I added a fun pin-curl to my bangs.

   Enjoy and try this look maybe with a different color better suits your personality. I chose the blue for the season and because it is one of my person favorite shades of blue. 

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  1. wow I did a look pretty much identical to this for 4th of July... wore my pearls, and a white lace shirt over a red tank top. super cute and classy! love it and love you! :P