Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Idea of the Perfect Photo Shoot

   Let me just lay out the scene for you, lets say that we go outside, and it cold outside, with snow. Snow makes for a nice romantic feel. We can shoot when the sun is going down because we spent all day on lining your eyes with liquid black eye liner, not both lids just the bottom. We didn't bother with the rest of your face because your skin is zit free and I thought that when I put you outside in next to no clothing that the way your skin blotches red from your blood rushing to face to warm it up would also, give it a more romantic feeling.
   We can shoot on the train tracks because nothing says romance like a girl straddling a box car with her legs lundging forward so we get a glimpse of everything she has to offer as she holds a hand out to the camera as to show that she is reaching, clawing for what she wants. What she wants, well she doesn't know that because she is blond, and blonds are dumb.
   But the viewer is not dumb however, but just in case you needed more clues her clothing, or lack there of is made up entirely of past "sexy" Halloween costumes, cleverly disguised in a way as to make you think that maybe, just maybe, she wears these outfits on a day to day by pairing the tops with jeans. Pleather comes to mind when thinking of accessories, g-strings, boots, whips and of course a feather boa would be welcome.
   As for hair and make up, well less is better. Normally you might think that such a romantic scene would call for a more soft look but I like it hard. So flat straight hair and black, the deepest black of eye line on the bottom lash. We won't even bother with the rest of the face because its not like cameras can see things the eyes can't. Oooooh, some red lipstick might look good.
   I think that when it comes to editing, the more dramatic the better. Of course I will have made sure to use my flash when you are posing in the snow, with snow all around, outside, in the day light, so there is little chance that any of the photos will come out badly. But for those that I am wanting to take just a little further, I will add a back sweet looking back drop, with a nice paint splatter effect to it, it should just really set off the mood.
Well, I think that this could be a really excellent photoshot. Of course it is not something that I have already done but I am really geared up for it. I will be in Idaho in the winter so hopefully I will get a chance to make my vision a reality. If you are interested please let me know but not if you are fat, brunette or wear glasses.

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