Friday, July 15, 2011

Tori and Ryan's Bucket List.

  • Buy a house with a garage 
  • Own a RX-7 

  • Go on a Las Vegas trip and see Cirque du Soleil 

  • Drive Pikes Peek 
  • Bet on a camel race

  • Take a cruise to Alaska 

  • Go on a Safari 
  • Organize a fund raiser for a worthy cause
  • Take a trip to Hawaii 

  • Marry my best friend
  • Go to college 
  • Be a good person 
  • Sell a painting 

  • Live in Alabama for more than a year
  • Take the Hard family to Dreamland 

  • Host a huge Halloween party 
  • Have my family come to Alabama 
  • Go to a rave 

  • Go to a great concert 
  • Learn the harmonica 

  • See the Grand Canyon 

  • Drive Bonneville Salt Flat 
  • Work at a dog shelter 
  • Adopt a dog 

  • Eat more pumpkin

  • See England
  • Learn the art of tattooing 
  • See Japan

  • Keep blogging
  • Never weigh over 180lbs.
  • Get a tattoo in honor of my Grandma, Grandpa and Idaho

  • Taste pumpkin juice
  • Raise a child prodigy 

  • Try boiled peanuts 

  • Grow a herb garden
  • Own a super amazing kitchen 

  • Raise a family 
  • Be in a play
  • Be a blonde
  • Take chances 
  • Pay off all of my debts, not my own, the ones the owed to me
  • Find the perfect shade of lipstick 
  • Host Thanksgiving dinner 

   Ryan and I have already done a lot of things together that had been life long dreams. Like when Ryan got to drive the Nurburgring and when I finally got to see Paris. We explored Europe, ate a Belgium waffle in Belgium, lived in Germany, live in Alabama and also Abu Dhabi, went a road trip across the U.S. and best of fell in love. After exploring Europe these other things seem like they are going to be pretty darn easy to achieve, we will see! 

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