Sunday, July 17, 2011

H&M Haul in Abu Dhabi

   Today I went to the Abu Dhabi mall in my heels, which I remember thinking would be a bad idea while putting them on but they are just so damn cute! There was a line to drop people off at the mall so my taxi driver asked me if I wanted to walk... I did and I got lost, went to a co-op and an airport and then finally made it to the mall, which doesn't look like a mall from the outside at all.
   I went for one reason only, to shop at H&M and it was a good thing that that was the only store I wanted to go to because it was massive! The sale section could have easily been its own store. This place was like eight stores in one. They had men's, women's, plus size, maternity, junior's, kid's and lingerie, the only thing they didn't have was cosmetics :( I really was looking forward to a new nail polish and hello kitty lip gloss.
   I was really overwhelmed with just the sale section alone. I went to dressing room I think three times and was in the store for four hours. I ignored my stomach pains for hunger as looking at every piece of clothing in that store was my mission and nothing could get in the way of that.
   I ended up not getting too many things because I am really indecisive and shopping alone makes it extra hard. I tried on these high wasted shorts and I think that they looked cute but they were a really loud print and pretty short so I don't know... What I did end up getting were a matching bra and pantie, a brown scarf, a hipster hat, a cool vest, some knee high socks and MC Hammer pants. Oh and I also finally got pizza hut for lunch, I had my own personal pan pizza and it was very special!

   I have been seeing the women wear these pants all over Abu Dhabi. They look like MC Hammer pants that are just not as wide and baggy. So I guess they are a bit more like sweat pants but made of printed cotton. I get why people wear them here, they are super comfortable and keep you cool but I just feel so wrong being in public in something soooo comfortable. I feel like I am wearing pajamas.

   I like them, I don't like them, but then I like them... Whatever, I like them, I am going to keep them for those days when I am feeling frumpy chic. Yeah, its a thing, I just coined it!

   These are definitely going to be something that I look back on and think, what the hell? Well until then, I am going to keep cool and comfortable in Abu Dhabi.

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