Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh Dear...

   Last night Ryan and I both had baby dreams. In mine we had a cute little girl who could say, "Mommy" but blushed every time I tried to get her to say, "Daddy" and she was very cute with brown hair (thank god) and chubby cheeks. She never pooped, she slept on the floor and she loved Ryan very much but we were both in high school? I had to take her to math class, which she and my teacher didn't like at all so I decided to graduate early, thankfully I didn't need anymore credits.
   In Ryan's dream we didn't have a baby quite yet but one was on the way. I would tell him that, "Beethoven is in there." and point to my belly. I kept this up for about three months and he was laugh every time. Then when we were in Missouri visiting his grandparents I confirmed that it was in fact a baby, which Ryan was not very happy about because it was as if it happened while we were here in Abu Dhabi, still very young, unwed and not ready.
   If you think about it, Ryan and I were dreaming almost exactly the same things. Even though we are not in high school and I am not pregnant as of right now, we both still feel like we are too young. I think that the both of us know that we will one day raise a beautiful child prodigy but not for a long while. Right now teaching our pooch where to sit when Ryan is  driving is good enough for us.

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