Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ferrari World

   Ryan and I woke up early on Tuesday to head over Yas Island and spend the day at Ferrari World. It is a Ferrari theme park with the fastest roller coaster in the world. The whole park is indoors, which was very smart on their part since hardly no tourist would go otherwise.

   The first thing we did was to get all of the rides out of the way, I mean thats what we went there for. The lines were all pretty short and we only had to wait for about ten minutes to ride on the fast roller coaster. We sat in front and they gave us these goggles to over our glasses.The track is outside, in the hot dessert air and it only takes the coaster 4.9 seconds to up to 240km. My face felt like it was being ripped from my body. I was certain that I was going to light on fire and there was a point when I smelled burning.

  The ride was over in less than two minutes, I no longer had a pony tail and it actually signed my hair, giving me a most desirable hair style.

   After that we went on a couple more rides, none quite as exciting as Formula Rossa but they did have a pretty cool 3D ride were we were chasing after some video game character that stole the keys to our Ferrari.

This was a cute ride, it had music playing in the trees and it reminded me of that game on google Isle of Tune. 

   They had a lot of of cars on display and we saw a sign somewhere in the park saying that the collection of Ferraris was the most expensive in the world... Abu Dhabi is so new money.

   We intended on getting t-shirts but they were all around $75 so we settled on the maps they gave use at the door, a pressed coin and a stuffed camel. I had been looking for a good stuffed camel to take home from Abu Dhabi since we got here, I am very happy with the one I found at Ferrari World.  She even has a cute hole in t-shirt for her hump to come out of.

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