Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some EXTREMELY Stupid Things I Have Done.

   After high school I got a job as a traveling pitchman, which is something of a carny. The hours are long, the pay is either really good or really crappy and people you meet are less than trust worthy. It takes an extremely goal oriented person to do this job, or someone with a drug addiction who can't find a job that doesn't require a piss test.
   I would travel to different states, going with the summer fair season, I would see a lot of the same people so it was was easy to recognize people. On the other hand, I always was in a new place almost every two weeks and knew that I would never see most of the people I met ever again. It gave me kind of a free feeling, a chance to let loose and explore a different side of me, a chance to get dangerous.
   I had this job for a little over a year, during that year I did some really stupid things and most of them usually involved a lot of drinking. My boss was about twice my age and she said that we made her feel young again, she gave me lots of responsibility, respected my opinions, and bought all of my drinks.
   I don't really know the exact time line but I have lots of stories, they may or may not involve someone else that you know, so I won't name names.
    Lets start with the time I went to Vegas...  I was 19, drunk and how I didn't get thrown in jail is still a mystery to me. I wouldn't have known what I did unless I didn't take pictures. I ended up peeing the hallway of the hotel and locking myself out of my room, thankfully it wasn't for long because my friend found me as I was doing my business. I guess when you got to go, you got to go.
   I went to a party in the winter time with my friend, a good friend who I look after. I was driving that night so I was only going to get a buzz as soon as we got there, stay for about 3 hours and then drive home. I didn't know anyone there, I remember having two shots and I drank a soda as a chaser. I talked to a guy who said that his job was a drug delivery to pharmacies, I don't remember anything after that. As I am sure you guessed, I was drugged thankfully I peed my pants and my sister and nephew came and got me.
   I have drove drunk, very stupid thing to do. Taxi's are extremely cheap compared to DUI's. I dated a tattoo artist, and didn't get a free tattoo. I had "sugartits" tattooed on me. I let money come between me and my best friend. I did not read one book in high school and copied all of my home work in government, english, and science, luckily I am good at testing. I went swimming all day without a drop of sunscreen.
   My first kiss was gross. It was at candy cane park, down the street from where I lived. I snuck out of my house around midnight and we whispered the whole time. It was under the dinosaur... yes the dinosaur and he pretty much licked my chin the entire time. My chin was chapped after that because it was cold. No romantic music was played ( that one was for you Sammi)
   I have been gullible. I have let people's words hurt me. I have hurt people with my words. I didn't like the way my grandma smelled. I was jealous of my cousin for my entire childhood. I stole a shirt from Macys. I dated a guy that I thought could change.
    I went to Ohio once and had a great time with some hippy boys who were very nice. I hung out with them on days when I wasn't working and one time we went downtown in Cincinnati. While driving, I was starring out the window and noticed a black man who starred back at me, he made sign that looked the the "hang lose" sign but he put his thumb up to his mouth and it was upside down. He was offering me crack, that was a crack pipe he made. I parked my van outside the house I knew the boys were staying at in the middle of the night, waiting for one of them to pick up their phone as this would be my last night in there, in the crack neighborhood, alone, with only my phone and a locked car door as my protection. I gave up and stayed the night in the parking lot of a rest stop. I didn't sleep much, but I lived.
   I have dinned and ditched. Did not stick up for myself when my teacher made fun of me. Agreed with someone simply because I did not have my own opinion. Hung out at Java hoping to look cool. I avoided stepping on a scale for over two years and made it over the 200 pound mark. Stopped painting. I drove with out a license. I took a chance and flew to Germany with a guy I barely knew longer than a month.
   Although I have done some very dumb things in my life, I have lived. I have grown from those experiences and formed a better me. I am not recommended any of these things to find yourself but I would recommend finding yourself. It is one awesome feeling to know and learn from mistakes that either you or someone else made, hopefully you learn them from someone else. You may have noticed that something I did not mention is drugs, that is one thing that I have been exposed to and I did not like at all what I saw, one lesson learned very quickly. I hope you can learn from my experiences and have plenty of dumb experiences of your own.
P.S The Germany thing worked out, I knew myself at the time and turned out I also knew the difference between lust and love, still not very smart, it was a HUGE risk.

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