Saturday, July 2, 2011

Patriotic Eyebrows


   Keeping with the Fourth of July theme I came up with another make up look that will definitely raise a few eyebrows. It is a really easy look to achieve and if you are brave enough to try it, it can be really fun! Play around with different colors depending on your hair color some color combinations will work better for you.
   The first thing to remember is to start with well groomed eyebrows. Tweezers, eyebrow brushes and grooming scissors are a must. Don't over pluck though because you will spend forever trying to grow them back. And just follow the natural shape your brow bone and eyes have already made for you.
   I used an eye shadow pallet that I got from claires for $5.50, can't get much cheaper than that. I find that they actually have really good pigmentation and honestly I didn't want to spend the money on crazy colors. I tried this look using the pallet from yesterday and the same blue, "Shattered" and also the color named, "Last Call" a kind of wine color. They didn't work with my hair color but I think that they would look good if you are blonde.

   I used an angle brush and worked the royal blue in first then the purple blending it into finally the magenta color. That was it, simple and fast. Since I used darker colors it wasn't super noticeable.

   The eyebrows are going to take place of any eye shadows you might normally wear, so I would suggest just keeping everything else really plain and natural looking. I think that a blue mascara would be just perfect paired with it but I used black since that is what I had.
   How I managed to to look in two directions I don't quite understand. You know something else you could do would be to apply this same kind of look on your lips.

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