Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tori is Bored.

    When I get bored I play with what I have, most of the time when I am in a hotel that is make up. This time I also had paints, but no canvas. Who needs a canvas when you have a face!
    I have been wanting to do a make up look by Sylvia Ji for a while, if you don't know who she is, you should check out her work, its amazingly beautiful.

Mug shot

I used a creamy brown eye liner as my base for my eyes and then, "Hustle" from my Naked pallet and a bit of, "Last Call" from my Ammo pallet

Nars lipgloss in "Chihuahua"

Mac lashes #34

I am such a talented soul, I should get an award. Or at least get paid for this. 

The nose was harder to paint then I thought it would be, the paint was really smelly. 

Wouldn't you know it, when I do my make up for an hour, the cameras are dead...

P.S. No, I am not that conceited.

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