Saturday, July 9, 2011


   Okay so I know its only July but I think about what I want to be for next Halloween right after it ends. Halloween is my favorite time of the year because it gives me an excuse to do my two most favorite things, dress up really crazy and cook with a lot of pumpkin!
   This last year I had a blast! Ryan, Beau and I dressed up like a Frankenstein family and went out in our outfits all day long. Then we went up to Birmingham and I got to put make up on Andrea and all of her friends. We all had so much fun I hope that I get to do it again.

   When I was in Boise I became a fan of a show called Yo Gabba Gabba. It was like the only thing that was on when I got off work even though I had all of the channels. This was really the first time that I had ever tried to recreate any kind of cartoon character and make it my own, I didn't know what I was doing but just went ahead and did it. I used green eye shadow the same way I would use a bronzer to define my face and glitter on my eye lids but they ended up not showing too much since I used such huge eye lashes and I finished it with a red lip because the character I was going for had a cute red smile.
Oh, I also tried a dog.

   When I was in high school I was very involved with the drama department. I got to be in a model in a couple of runway shows and my favorite one was the show when I got to be Michelle's model. Her sister was suppose to wear the dress but couldn't do it because she wasn't comfortable with how little her ladies where covered. I was roughly the same size just smaller boobs and a bit taller, so it ended up working out great! I felt like a princess, Michelle did my hair and make up and duct taped my boobs. It was a real bonding (pun intended) moment and the kick start to our friendship.

   From that point forward, hanging out with Michelle usually meant getting to dress up. It was like Halloween every weekend. We did photo shoots and my favorite ones where when we got a little crazy and had some fun. She often pointed out that my face was too hard and I looked like man, so one day I came for a photo shoot dressed like a man, best photo shoot ever!

This one was for cowboy day

   So I have been trying to figure out what I want to be for Halloween this year. I like how last year we had a theme that everyone could be including Beau. We could always dress like Harry Potter characters but that wouldn't be very fun. I have been kind of playing with the idea of some sub-culture, like steam punk, ganguro or cyber goth. Cyber goth looks like the most fun to me because it involves lots of color, fake dread locks and huge shoes!

Ganguro, Japanese interpretation of Malibu Barbie. 

Steampunk, 1800's meets the future. 

Cyber goth, like goth but much more techno beats and happier!
   What do you guys think? Are you thinking about Halloween yet, its only like three months away!


  1. I like the goth idea... I did that one year... I already had my own dreads, then I put in green braids and some glittery pipe cleaners. sparkly green eyes and crazy hot pink/green tulle skirt and pink striped stockings. it was pretty much awesome!!
    I have no idea what I'll do for Halloween this year... or if I'll do anything at all... maybe I'll do Jessica rabbit. I have the red dress... all I need is the purple gloves and long red wig... we'll see.

  2. Oh there is this really cool makeup tutorial for Jessica Rabbit on youtube by this girl named Promise. I love it, she looks like the cartoon rather than a person who put make up on similar to Jessica Rabbits, you should check it out.